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Special Sauce #2 CBD Hemp Flower


Flowers of Special Sauce are thick and coated in resin with flavors that are otherworldly. A coveted strain for both trimmed flower and full spectrum oil extraction. Testing on this flower showed beta-Caryophyllene makes of 15.4% of the terpene profile. This terpene has been linked with aiding the effects of depression and anxiety.

This strain is somewhat lower in CBD percentage, but makes up for it in it’s stacked terpene profile. Smell is fruity, like berries. Strong notes of grape and skunk. The flavor is incredible maybe one of the best I’ve had yet. Super dank and tasty. This bud was cured very well. Bright orange pistils, thick, dense portions of purple and forest green all around. The effects kicked in quickly. This strain is high in Myrcene which is good for relaxation and sleep as well as many other benefits like anti-inflammation, anti-biotic, and its use as an analgesic. It also has a fair amount of Pinene which is good for alertness and Limonene which is known for it’s stress relieving properties and mood enhancement. Effects received are comforting and strong relaxation. This strain is good for night time.


All chemicals are properly analyzed and approved prior to distribution. Our CBD hemp flowers have been found to be below 0.3% THC before harvest. Precise concentrations may vary from strain to strain. This product is Farm Bill compliant and comes with proper legal certification.