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BaOx CBD Hemp Flower


BaOx lineage is based on selections of Hindu Kush and Otto II male plants to create a sativa dominant hybrid, ideal for daytime and evening usage. This cultivar has been back-crossed and stabilized for high-CBD expression and a dense, terpene rich structure. One of the more stable genetics in the hemp space, BaOx is a perfect companion to a stress free day. It’s organically outdoor grown, hand-trimmed, and been taken care of as it was your own child. We like to call this one Rocky Bal-Baox because it’s a sleeper that will knock ya out in the late rounds. The terpene profile on this one pretty intense. It almost has a little of everything. Light, crispy buds make this a great flower for rolling. Of course, the high CBD content nearing 19% is one of the best around, along with the power punch of terpenes you’ll find, it’s surely one you will enjoy.


  • alpha-Pinene- .02%
  • beta-Myrcene- .02%
  • Limonene- .06% Linalool- .02%

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